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Welcome to The Afro-Report,

This platform encapsulates a young journalist’s desire to contribute actively to the development of Africa. Although modest, it is an attempt to reverse the overly negative representation of Africa in mainstream global media. True: a lot of Africa is plagued by conflict, disease and poverty but there is so much more. The Afro-Report comes to tell the untold stories: the better and the brighter side of the continent. Its vision is not to ‘white-wash’ but to give a more representative coverage of issues therein. Better still, the stories are told by an insider; one who has lived and studied in both the ‘Global South’ and the ‘Global North’.
IMG_2016-04-25_22_45_47_bwThe Afro-Report tells African stories in a manner as to inspire and to empower its readers to make Africa greater than it is. It lays special emphasis on subjects that have direct bearings on development and encourages readers to make themselves useful.
Vulnerable segments of the population like: women; children; disabled people; and minority groups, hold a special place on this platform. The Afro-Report hopes to sound their voices louder and clearer. Despite their being marginalized, we believe that their contributions are invaluable assets for the continent. Our hope is to inspire many of such people to rise above their confines and gain courage to become agents of social change and development.

Here, we look beyond negativity. We draw positive lessons from the most negative of incidents in order to empower. We do not only tell the news but also encourage you to act upon it.Our approach is developmental. Join us on this amazing adventure by subscribing. 
Best wishes,
Vandoline NKWAIN KIAWI (The publisher)